Picture of Pectinate muscle

Pectinate muscles

Pectinate muscle Definition It refers to any of the special intracardiac muscles or prominent atrial myocardium ridges. This physical structure gets its name from the fact that the muscular fibers located in it are arranged like the bristles of a comb. It is also known by other names like Musculus pectinatus and Músculo pectinate. (more…)

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Image of Central sulcus

Central sulcus

Central sulcus Definition It is a furrow or deep groove in the brain. It is said to have a ‘map’ of the body on each side that matches the other side. It is also known as “Fissure of Rolando” or “Rolandic Fissure,” after the noted Italian anatomist Luigi Rolando. Central sulcus Location It is located […]

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Picture of Trochlear fovea

Trochlear fovea

What is Trochlear fovea? It is the name given to a shallow depression or pit in the roof of the orbit that is situated near the medial margin to which the cartilaginous pulley of the superior Obliquus oculi is attached. (more…)

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Picture of Dorsal mesentery

Dorsal mesentery

Dorsal mesentery Definition It is the part of mesentery that is joined to the greater curvature of the stomach. The section of this mesentery that is present at the stomach is also known as “Dorsal Mesogastrium” while the segment that suspends the colon is referred to as “Mesocolon.” (more…)

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Picture of Mandibular fossa

Mandibular fossa

Mandibular fossa Definition It is a curved cavity or pit of the temporal bone of the skull. There are two such types of depressions, one on either side of the skull. (more…)

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Image of Parietal pleura

Parietal pleura

Parietal pleura Definition It is the outermost of the pleural membranes, which are two in number, and forms a lining for the chest cavity that contains the lungs. In Latin, this organ is known as “Pleura Parietalis”. (more…)

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