Humerus Bone Location

Humerus Bone

The humerus is the long bone located in the upper arm of the body which extends from the shoulder joint to the elbow. The word “humerus’’ literally means upper arm and is the only bone in the upper arm. (more…)

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Picture of Medulla Oblongata

Medulla Oblongata

What is Medulla Oblongata? The Medulla Oblongata is a cone-shaped, neuronal cluster in the hindbrain. It is the lowest part of the brainstem located in front of the cerebellum and is connected to the midbrain by the pons moving down to the spinal cord. The main compositions of Medulla Oblongata are cranial nerve nuclei IX-to-XII, […]

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Picture of Tricuspid Valve

Tricuspid Valve

What is the Tricuspid Valve? The tricuspid valve is one of the main vales which is present in the mammalian heart. It is situated on the right, dorsal side of the heart, and it is situated between the right atrium and the right ventricle. The tricuspid valve is made up of three flaps which open […]

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Picture of Tibialis Posterior

Tibialis Posterior

What is Tibialis Posterior Muscle? The tibialis posterior muscle is a relatively small, centrally located muscle present within the back side of the leg. This muscle is located between the two bones fibula and tibia in the lower leg and descends down to connect with the various other bones through the ankle. The tibialis posterior […]

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Picture of Oculomotor Nerve

Oculomotor Nerve

One of the most significant nerves that have a control over most of the movements related to the eye, which includes the constriction of the pupil, is the Oculomotor nerve. It is also responsible for keeping the eye lids open by innervating the muscles of the levator palpebrae superiors. (more…)

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Cranial Nerves Location

Cranial Nerves

What are Cranial Nerves? Nerves which originate from the brain or the brainstem are referred to as the cranial nerves. Do keep in mind that nerves which originate from the spinal cord segments aren’t called cranial nerves. (more…)

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Corniculate Cartilage Location

Corniculate Cartilage

What is the Corniculate Cartilage? The corniculate cartilage is made up of elastic cartilage in our body.  Elastic Cartilages, also known as Yellow cartilages in the human body are primarily composed of the protein Elastin. These cartilages are built up of collagen fibers and plastic fibrous networks. These are also known as cartilages of Santorini. […]

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Parietal Lobe Location

Parietal Lobe

What is Parietal Lobe? The human cerebrum  is anatomically divided into number of lobes, which are regions marked by specific points and are known to be associated with certain functions and processes that they either influence or completely control.The parietal lobe is a lobular area located in the cerebral cerebrum (also known as the cerebral […]

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Hyoid Bone Location

Hyoid Bone

Hyoid Bone Definition The hyoid bone, being the only bone in the human body which is not connected to another, is shaped as a horse-shoe, which remains hanging in the neck muscles. It’s historical importance traces back to the Neanderthals and Homo sapiens for origin of speech. Unlike in other mammals, the human hyoid bone […]

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Picture of Labia Minora

Labia Minora

What is labia minora? The labia is that portion of the female vulva which covers the major external visible portion. In Human females, the Labia exists in two pairs. The outer Labia which is larger and heavier is called that Labia Minora and the other pair, which constitutes of the folds of skin present between […]

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