Corniculate Cartilage Location

Corniculate Cartilage

What is the Corniculate Cartilage? The corniculate cartilage is made up of elastic cartilage in our body.  Elastic Cartilages, also known as Yellow cartilages in the human body are primarily composed of the protein Elastin. These cartilages are built up of collagen fibers and plastic fibrous networks. These are also known as cartilages of Santorini. […]

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Parietal Lobe Location

Parietal Lobe

What is Parietal Lobe? The human cerebrum  is anatomically divided into number of lobes, which are regions marked by specific points and are known to be associated with certain functions and processes that they either influence or completely control.The parietal lobe is a lobular area located in the cerebral cerebrum (also known as the cerebral […]

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Hyoid Bone Location

Hyoid Bone

Hyoid Bone Definition The hyoid bone, being the only bone in the human body which is not connected to another, is shaped as a horse-shoe, which remains hanging in the neck muscles. It’s historical importance traces back to the Neanderthals and Homo sapiens for origin of speech. Unlike in other mammals, the human hyoid bone […]

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Picture of Labia Minora

Labia Minora

What is labia minora? The labia is that portion of the female vulva which covers the major external visible portion. In Human females, the Labia exists in two pairs. The outer Labia which is larger and heavier is called that Labia Minora and the other pair, which constitutes of the folds of skin present between […]

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Image of Trochlear Nerve

Trochlear Nerve

Trochlear Nerve Definition The Trochlear nerve is one of the smallest motor nerve (in terms of axons) that controls the superior oblique muscles (one of the muscles that helps in the movement of the eye) of the eye. The trochlear nerve is the fourth Cranial nerve having the longest intracranial course and is the only […]

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Picture of Endosteum


What is Endosteum? Endosteum is a thin, soft, connective tissue, lining the cavity of long bones like Humerus and Femur. It acts as a coating for the inner compact bone and the trabeculae of the spongy tissue. The osteoprogenitor cells of the preosteoblasts present in this connective tissue lining, differentiate into osteoblasts and later on […]

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Pictures of Cecum


Cecum Definition Cecum or also known as “caecum,” is a small intraperitoneal pouch like structure located on the right side of the lower abdomen. It is the starting point of the large intestine and lies between ileum and the ascending colon, into which the ileum (last part of the small intestine) empties digested content from […]

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Greater Omentum Location

Greater Omentum

The human stomach bag has five layers, out of which the outer most layer is the Serosa. The serosa makes up the peritoneal membrane of the abdominal cavity. The parietal portion of the peritoneum has an extended flap of tissue that hangs from it called the Greater Omentum. (more…)

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Mitral Valve Location

Mitral Valve

What is the Mitral valve? The mitral valve is a valve located between the left atrium and left ventricle and also referred to as bicuspid valve or the left arterioventricular valve. The mitral valve has two flaps and along with the tricuspid valve, it is collectively often called as atrioventricular valves because of their position. […]

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Saddle Joint Location

Saddle Joint

What is a Joint? A joint in a mammalian body, is an arrangement of mostly two bones, working together for a particular movement to take place. Being classified according to the amount of movement they permit, they can be fixed type, which is immovable, like skull joints. Others can show movement up to an extent. […]

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